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Products & Services

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Flournoy Premium Mastercard

Need to build your credit? Get your Secured Flournoy Premium Mastercard Today! It's one of the easiest way to build your credit scores. Reports to all three credit bureaus. 

Business Credit Card


Start building your business credit with our Business Credit Card. When you use your NEW BUSINESS CREDIT CARD, you will find relief knowing that you are building business credit with every transaction. You now, have a way to separate your personal and business expenses in style as well.

Credit Monitoring

With the increased risk of identity theft and credit fraud, it's more important than ever to know what's happening with your credit at all times. While reviewing your full credit report throughout the year is a great way to stay on top of your credit, your financial information needs all the protection you can give it.

With a credit monitoring service you can trust, not only will you be able to receive your credit reports and scores easily, you will also be notified if any suspicious or unauthorized activity occurs on your credit report.

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My Jewelers Club

Need another tradeline to boost your credit scores? Our partnership with MyJewelers Club allows you to apply  and get Immediate Approval For Up to $5,000.00 of Unsecured Revolving Credit!

Rent Reporters

Did you know that we your rent can help build your credit. We believe that the 100 million renters and particularly the 40 million credit invisible should have a credit score that is reflective of their responsible rent payment history….giving them access to the financial options they deserve. 

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