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You pick the home & our partners will buy the home


You rent & get mortgage ready


You become a homeowner!

Minimum Qualification Criteria

Income: $30,000/yr minimum
Note: A $110k home will have ~1,200/mo minimum base rent.

Savings: $3,000 minimum to apply (increases with home price)
Note: For a $110k home we will look for $4,000 in savings to qualify (this will increase as the
purchase price of the home increases). In bank statements we look for no non-sufficient funds or
overdraft fees. The savings required will be put into a customer account towards your future down
payment before we make an offer.

*Note: You will have to sign up for our FFG Credit Repair Services  (i.e. no bankruptcies, evictions, car repossessions
or charge offs within the past year. No student loans in default).

Keys To The New Place

We help you to become a homeowner,
Even if you don’t have everything in check!


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