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Credit Repair Agent

Flournoy Financial gives you all

the tools an entrepreneur needs

in one convenient spot

  • Ready to start a business and quit your 9-5?

  • Ready to increase your income from existing clients?

    We'll help you add credit repair as an additional service offering!

  • Ready to get your clients credit scores raised fast for home loans, auto loans, or other loans?

    We provide the tools to fix their reports!

  • Ready to take your existing credit repair business to the next level?

    Use the same tools as multi-million dollar credit repair businesses!


No Cost To Join   

Get Paid $80.00 per customer plus a $8.00 residual for as long as your customer remains active 


Also Receive 2nd-tier affiliates overrides. These are commissions paid for sales made by members of your team. Every time one of your 2nd-tier affiliates makes a sale, you will earn $20.00. 

Bonus Weekly Coaching Sessions

With CEO Ra'Shawn D. Flournoy

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We're Seeking Business Partners

Our Team Will Give You The Tools To Grow Your Business! 


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We are not a Certified Financial Advisor, U. S. Securities Dealer, Stock Brokers or Investment Advisers. Our company has independent sales agents and acting in the capacity of a financial intermediary who provides advice to private individuals on or about business matters. .Please understand that the contemplated transaction(s) is strictly private and in no way relates to the United States securities act of 1933 **(THE"ACT")** and does not involve the sale of registered securities. This transaction(s) are private and exempt from the act.

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