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Business Solutions

Business Solutions

Made Easy Just For You!

Start A Business or Non-Profit

Need help starting your business or non-profit? We are here to help you with all of your filing needs. Trusted by thousands of professionals and entrepreneurs, Flournoy Financial is the smartest way to start a business and stay compliant. 

Legal Solutions

With FFG you now can have the peace of mind and protect your family, your business, and your personal identity with simple, comprehensive coverage from our affordable legal services

Health Care

Employers and Business Owners can now save with the Nation's Largest PPO Network. ACA & ERISA Compliant. No Deductibles or Open Enrollment Restrictions. 

Telcom Services

Today’s telecom environment is complex. FFG Telcom, powered by AppSmart makes it easy. We represent all the major providers and will help determine the right solutions at the best price.  We provide your business with a one stop, best offer solution for: voice, internet, VoIP, mobility, data, cable, and the cloud.

Business Credit Builder

The Flournoy Financial Business Credit Builder helps you build your business credit (that’s not linked to your SSN) step by step using a proven, field tested, business owner approved, and highly personalized process. By using our user-friendly & intuitive software and the only full-service business credit adviser team in the industry, you’ll be guided every step of the way, simplifying your experience of obtaining business credit.

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