WHY Flournoy Financial Group?

Founder, Ra'Shawn D. Flournoy founded the company homeless sleeping at his church. Within a couple of years the business turned into a multi-million dollar company. With agents throughout the USA we have been able to provide credit restoration and funding opportunities to thousands.  

Own Your Own Flournoy Financial!

The Right Industry:

  • Recession resistant industry

  • Continuous growth – Debt keeps growing, no matter what the economy looks like!

  • Consistent cash flow – Credit Repair & Funding is a Billion dollar Industry.



Flournoy Financial Franchise Opportunity is breaking the mold in the credit and funding industry. We are dedicated to keeping the business model simple and the cost of entry low. Our goal is to let people experience the dream of business ownership with a proven business model and plan of action. As the saying goes, "You're in business for-yourself but not by-yourself."


With a proven business model, a network of dedicated support staff and a management team with over a combined 50 years of experience in the credit and funding industry, Flournoy Financial! Franchisees will always have somewhere to turn for support and guidance.

Franchise Requirements:

  • Preferred that you live in the market they plan to develop.

  • Cash requirements: US $595.00

  • Experience in a service related industry with the following skills:

  • Developing and Inspiring leaders that creates a positive work environment.

  • Developing and leading a support team infrastructure. (operations, recruiting, marketing, HR)

  • Adhering to and reinforcing standardized operational procedures and marketing plans.

  • Candidates must have ability to support your lifestyle while starting a business.

  • No Credit or Funding experience is needed.

To Get Started:

Step 1: Inquiry

Complete the franchise inquiry form.

Step 2: Phone Interview

Once prequalified, you will be contacted by Flournoy Financial Group Inc. affiliates to schedule a phone introduction and have “The Talk”.


  • 7% commissions on personal and business funding loans.

  • $138.00 each credit repair enrollment and $24.95 per month for each active customer. 

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Customer Service

Contact Us

15720 Brixham Hill Ave. Suite 300 
Charlotte, NC 28277
Phone: (800)-956-8559
Fax:     (980)-443-2019
Email: info@flournoyfinancial.com

We are not a Certified Financial Advisor, U. S. Securities Dealer, Stock Brokers or Investment Advisers. Our company has independent sales agents and acting in the capacity of a financial intermediary who provides advice to private individuals on or about business matters. .Please understand that the contemplated transaction(s) is strictly private and in no way relates to the United States securities act of 1933 **(THE"ACT")* http://sblcfinancing.com/assets/sa33.pdf* and does not involve the sale of registered securities. This transaction(s) are private and exempt from the act.

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